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Bearing the Burden Rising to Life . . . And no religion too Always already
Deliverance: A sermon for Pride The Dream of Equality Selma & Us: Right & Risk Selma 50 years after
Afraid of the Journey The Sage of Galilee Advent: The Promise Apology for Amazement
Time is all we have To bear witness: advent 2015 The Practice of No-Problem Memorial Day
Ground of Hope & Joy The Parable of the Sower Being Dust.
Gather The First Fire G - O - D The Beckoning Future
Advent: Bedrock/Heaven Together: a bold conversation Time for Vision Agreements
Art of the Impossible Soul, soul, soul: Emerson Channing: One sublime idea
Cataclysm The leverage of truth Who has a dream?
Yom Kippur: Good faith, bad faith This is the day of the world's birth! Repent! for Yom Kippur One
Fundamental Adoration The speed of light Advent: New Heaven, New Earth
The Fallow Season My Mother's Son Truth & Lies Anger!
Hearing Voices in the Wilderness Purim: For such a time as this
We had hoped . . . Tongues of FirePower On there being a there there
A Higher "We" Edge Duty and Destiny
Terror! Remembering Sept. 11 Habit & Creation Desire! Telling the truth: Dickens, Darwin
Resurrection! Easter 2015 How to survive these times Fear! Thread of the Story
Time is all we have: text Long Journey. How we stumble. For Ash Wednesday 2015. The leverage of Truth Apology for Amazement